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Judicial debt recovery

Before you start a legal action in court against your debtor you need to realize, that even if you would get a court order that does not necessarily means that you will get your money back. That is the reason why UAB “Kreditų Valdymo Grupė” always advise to try pre-judicial debt recovery in first place and only if it fails, we recommend (or not) to start legal action.

During the process of pre-judicial debt recovery we gather the information which later allows us to decide if judicial recovery actions would benefit you or would it just cost you additional funds. In this case the main aim of our organization is to advise you correctly and to prevent you from additional financial losses by investing money into the hopeless legal procedures.

UAB “Kreditų Valdymo Grupė” are known for its continuity during the process of debt recovery. The long term co-operation with solicitors and bailiffs guarantees a fluent process at any stage of the recovery. We ensure that in case of unsuccessful pre-judicial recovery the legal proceedings will be issued immediately and the obtained court order will be executed by the bailiff in the most effective way. By the sequence of the actions above we make sure that you will get your money back as soon as it would possible can be.