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Legal agreement / contract preparation and audit

Legal agreements /contracts constitute the base of nowadays business. Therefore, it is of primary importance to maintain a common approach across all existing legal agreements in your company to ensure they meet primary and secondary legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and also fully protect your interests.

Qualified UAB “Kreditų Valdymo Grupė” lawyers will provide you with a purchase and sales, contracting, leasing, representation, employment creation and other necessary contracts. At your request, the contracts are prepared in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.

Contract audit is defined as the number of legal actions allowing to determine whether all of the audited agreements in your company are in accordance with the provisions of the Republic of Lithuania regulatory legal requirements, to establish whether they do not contradict each other and are appropriately governed by contractual and legal relationships between various parties. Also, contract audit allows to understand whether your legal agreements are in favor of your business policy.

Professional UAB “Kreditų Valdymo Grupė” lawyers will guarantee effective audit of your existing legal agreement base. Besides, in case of a breach of contract, our lawyers will have a solid, indisputable position and, if necessary, will easily prove existence of an infringement of judicial proceeding.