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Commercial Entity Solvency Assessment

This is systematic economic and legal information that helps you objectively determine whether a company will be able to meet its financial commitments. When giving credit to the company it is important to know not only its name, key details and the nature of business, but also to be sure if your future (or present) business partner is financially viable. If you decide to establish commercial entity financial stability analysis with UAB “Kreditų Valdymo Grupė”, you will be able to reasonably assess risks and ascertain the most appropriate credit amount.

Note: Commercial entity solvency assessment provides you not only with useful financial information about your business partners; it also empowers you to assess your competitor’s economic capability.

Available Commercial Entity Solvency Assessment example:

Company registration details Company code, name, legal status, activities, and date of registration
VAT data Date of registration, identification number
Company status In operation, insolvent, bankrupt, in liquidation
Director details Name, surname, address, in charge history
Number of employees The current number of employees, employees change history
Operational contact details Formal business address, telephone, fax, e-mail, manager’s name
Company annual turnover Turnover interval, financial flow history
Real estate Assets of the type, quantity, location, the average market value
Vehicles Vehicle types of content, the average market value
Asset limits Pledge, attachment, and other available property restrictions
Company founders Full names, number of shares, stock parts
Participating in legal actions Number of cases, status, dates, history, creditors, debt amounts, etc.
Balance sheet, profit (loss) statement Long / short term assets, financial commitments, sales, incomes, profit (loss).
Pre-court recovery Pre-court recovery amounts, status, history.
Conclusion and recommendations Prepared by UAB "Kreditų Valdymo Grupė" experts