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About us

We are the group of experienced professionals with a proved track and a huge success in credit control, debt recovery and other business law areas. Our aim is to work closely with our clients through all aspects of the collection process. We carefully analyze each financial problem and apply only the most effective legal tools to achieve necessary targets. Our experience has proved that a personal, direct approach with both our clients and their customers is the most effective method of debt recovery.

UAB “Kreditų Valdymo Grupė” are partners of international commercial debt collection net - ODDCOLL, successfully recovering funds for international creditors.

UAB “Kreditų Valdymo Grupė” goals and philosophy:

Client Orientation

Working together we seek to understand your needs in order to provide you with the best alternative to improve your legal documentation base or solve your problems. We work swiftly and precisely.

Innovation & Expertise

Our work is based on professional business law expertise and strict business ethics. We are always ready to find an original solution to meet your requirements.

Learning & Development

We always look forward and are constantly improving our professional qualifications. We see each debtor as our new challenge.

Practical Approach & Efficiency

We provide our services in a professional manner and always meet your deadlines. The result of our work is your practical benefits.

Reliability & Loyalty

We are qualified and responsible business law experts. We aim to meet your requirements and fully exceed your expectations. Our long-term goal is to become your permanent legal advice partner.


We store your confidential information safely during our co-operation period and also after its completion.